Guide for Authors

Instructions to Authors

Journal of Structural Engineering & Geotechnics

Islamic Azad University of Qazvin


In order to submit your Paper, we kindly ask you to pay attention to the following instruc­tions:

  • Your paper must comply with the following format:
    • Title,
    • Name and address of author(s),
    • Abstract,
    • Keywords,
    • Introduction,
    • The main work done by author(s),
    • Conclusions,
    • Acknowledgment (if needed),
    • References.
    • Papers may be submitted in English.
    • The authors are recommended to use Times New Roman font:
      •  Size 17 for title,
      •  Size 13 for the author(s) name,
      •  Size 8  italic for author(s) affiliations,
      •  Size 9 for the abstract ,
      • Size 8 for keywords,
      •  Size 10 for the main text,
      •  Size 8 for tables,
      •  Size 8 for tables & figures descriptions
      •  Size 9 for references.
      • Figures must be in .Jpeg format and numbered in bottom.
      • Tables must be numbered in above according to following format:

Table 1

Description of table


  • References must be listed numerically by the family name of the authors and according to the following format:

 [1]     Doebling, S., Farrar, C., Prime, M. (1998). A summary review of vibration-based damage identification method.  Shock and Vibration Dig, 30(2), 91–105.

 [2]     Adams, R., Cawley, P., Pye, C., Stone, B. (1978). A vibration technique for non-destructively assessing the integrity of structures. Journal of Mechanical Engineering Science, 20(2), 93–100.

 [3]     Thyagarajan, S., Schulz, M., Pai, P. (1998). Detecting structural damage using frequency response functions. Journal of Sound and Vibration, 210(1), 162–70.

 [4]     Cornwell, P., Doebling, S., Farrar, C. (1999). Application of the strain energy damage detection method to plate-like structures. Journal of Sound and Vibration, 224(2), 359–74.

  • References in the text should be indicated by numbers in square brackets.
  • All the tables and figures must also be sent in separate files.
  • All formulas in the paper must be numbered consecutively.
  • Only papers which have never been published in other journals and benefit from significant contributions from the author(s) will be considered.
  •  The paper should not be under consideration for any other journal.
  • In the case of online submission each paper should be prepared in one word format.
  • Online full text submission is accessible under